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welcome to pindi house jewelry - 4,500+ Satisfied customers! 🇺🇸
welcome to pindi house jewelry - 4,500+ Satisfied customers! 🇺🇸

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One Year Online

One Year Online

One thing I've always stayed true to with Pindi House Jewelry is that it is my passion project, something that brings me joy and keeps me inspired. While it is a business, I haven't tied myself to strict 5-year plans or bent over backwards to hit too-lofty sales targets. While those would be admirable and productive goals, I've taken a different approach. Pindi House is following a natural rhythm. We grow with our customers and evolve when it feels right. At the end of the day, I stay focused on creating beautiful jewelry. The business part comes after.

Before Pindi House was even born, I was transforming my antique collections into fun, bold jewelry statements for myself. As I would wear my jewelry, people began asking me to make pieces for them as well. It was at that point that my hobby transitioned to a business.

Cue the natural rhythm of Pindi House. People asked for my jewelry, so I created unique pieces for them. Local shops invited me to sell my jewelry at their stores, so I partnered with them. Customers wanted to be able to shop online, so I created a website. And one year later, here we are!


The website has truly taken Pindi House to a new level. My customer base used to be limited to in and around the tri-state area of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. But now, there are Pindi House lovers all over the country. The website has opened the door to let people shop whenever and wherever. It's as if we always have a "We're open!" sign hanging on a virtual front stoop. I love knowing that my friends in Virginia Water, England can browse my pieces just as easily as my daughter's co-workers in Washington, D.C. can.

Venturing into the digital space was nearly inevitable in today's on-demand world where your next purchase is just one tap away. But in this first year of the website, I realized that taking Pindi House Jewelry online is pretty similar to what I do with each of my Pindi House pieces. I'm bridging the old and the new. I'm bringing my word-of-mouth sales style into the modern age. It's just like how I bring antique pieces into today's style by fashioning them into timeless jewelry. I love the idea of staying up-to-date and on the cutting-edge while maintaining traditional charm.

Yes, we've been online for a solid year now. Yes, we've reached scores of new customers. But fear not, we will not abandon all that we do offline. I'll still be hosting events, commissioning pieces, and having trunk shows—all in real life. After all, customer relationships are at the core of our values at Pindi House. The website is just one more tool to connect and communicate with each of you.


I've strived to treat my website like I treat my pieces--crafted with my personal touch. I wanted my customers to be able to browse and shop in an environment that I tailor-made for them. There's a reason we didn't go straight to the big platforms like Amazon and Google. You can find us right here, Pindi House's corner of the Internet that's just for us 


A Pindi for Your Thoughts: What is your favorite part of the website? Is there anything new you'd like to see on the website? Tell us in the comments section! 

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  • Congrats Lydia! Thanks for staying ahead of the curve with your timeless pieces. It’s so fun to “mix and match” depending on the occasion!

  • LOVE❣️

    Vicki Scanlon
  • One of the many things I love about my Pindi House pieces is the versatility of them. I can dress up with them or wear them casually! Can’t wait for Lydia to come to Little Rock for a fall trunk show at Cobblestone and Vine.

  • Congratulations on all you have accomplished!!! So proud of you my sweet friend!!! Love you and all of my Pindi House pieces so much!!

    Jeanice Spencer
  • Congratulations Lydia!! Your jewelry is beautiful and so unique. So very proud of you! 💜


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