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From pastime to passion.

Lydia Frank, owner and designer of Pindi House Jewelry, has always had a creative streak. As a young girl, Lydia enjoyed sewing, smocking, and—yes—creating jewelry. She tagged along with her mother to estate sales and auctions, collecting trinkets like beads and buttons to stash away into her jewelry box and eventually transform into something new and beautiful. 

It was in 2008 that Lydia was able to revisit her childhood pastime. She and her husband moved with their three children to England for a business assignment. There, Lydia started going to street fairs and estate auctions, and it didn't take long for her to pick up her old hobby and start fashioning bracelets out of antique pins and brooches.

Upon returning home to Memphis, Lydia would wear her new unique jewelry, piquing the interest of her friends and peers. She began crafting pieces for them as well—the point when Lydia's hobby transitioned into a business. 

Lydia's childhood pastime has become her passion, and she delights in reviving old treasures to create new ones. Now, instead of beads and buttons, she uses antique elements that she sources from all over North America and Europe.

She receives regular shipments of shoe buckles, brooches, watch chains, pendants, and other items from the 19th and 20th centuries. Then, she goes to work, crafting them into pieces that are modern and stylish, but still have a classic appeal.

Lydia Frank
"I love to imagine the stories that go with these pieces, to think about the women who must've worn them. The components come to me in all forms—sometimes dusty, dirty, or damaged—and I get the pleasure of making them shiny and beautiful again. Then each piece gets a new life with a new lady who will wear and treasure it. It's very rewarding, and it's a lot of fun."

From vendors to shop owners to all of her lovely customers, Lydia has had the unique opportunity to get to know all kinds of new people through her endeavors with Pindi House. There are real connections and friendships behind each beautiful piece. These relationships are exactly what make Pindi House Jewelry so special. 

Lydia and her husband Erik call Memphis, Tennessee home. Together they have three children: Louis, 26, who currently lives in Denver, Colorado; Walter, 24, who recently moved back to Memphis; and Mary Margaret, 24, who lives in Washington, D.C.

The original Pindi House.

Original Pindi House in Virginia Water, England

During their time in England, Lydia and her family lived in the charming town of Virginia Water in an old tudor-style home called the Pindi House. Sadly, the house is no longer there, but it lives on today through Lydia's jewelry. In fact, the Pindi House Jewelry logo pays homage to the old home with its window element, a tribute to the window that embellished the beautiful oak front door.