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Sharing the Love

Sharing the Love

We’re officially through the holidays and all the madness that comes with it. Of course, the season around Thanksgiving and Christmas is so special—quality time with family, yummy food, and festive spirits. But I have to admit I’m glad to be settling in to the cozy winter months. With cooler temps and a less hectic schedule, I’m finding that I’m especially content to simply be at home and enjoying the company of my husband—and friends and neighbors and anyone else who drops in! We’re really committing to a relaxed and easygoing vibe this winter. 

One night that will be a tad different will be Valentine’s Day. We’re planning to be cozy and comfy, but we’ll still be celebrating of course! Now don’t quote me on this, because things could always change, but I have a pretty good feeling my husband Erik will bring home orchids for me. He’s done that for me every year, and I can’t imagine this year will be any different. We’ll cook up a special dinner and share a bottle of wine, all while enjoying my freshly delivered favorite flowers. 

Valentine’s Day is still a ways away, but I already have a good idea of what Pindi House Jewelry I’ll be wearing: the Margaret Bracelet and Margaret Necklace. These pieces really stick out to me, with their layers of gold link chains and delicate stone beading. They have a very romantic and feminine feel. Also the pretty locket detail is a perfect accessory for the holiday of love! 

And that’s exactly what Valentine’s Day is all about—love, simply. Whether that’s with your spouse, partner, significant other, or your dear friends, or your family. It’s pretty awesome to me that the point of the holiday is so pure.

So if you’re looking for something to show your love to the special people in your life, or if any of your loved ones are asking about what you might like for a gift, we rounded up some of our Pindi House faves into a special collection for Valentine’s Day

Margaret Bracelet and Margaret Locket Bracelet

Whether you gravitate more toward gold or silver, prefer pearls or quartz, you can find your perfect version of the Margaret Bracelet. Make it extra special for Valentine’s Day by including the charming locket. 

Art Deco Feather Earrings (and I, II, III)

Our Art Deco Feather Earrings are a throwback to old-time romance. Find your favorite pair from the many variations in the series.

Margaret Locket Necklace

Perfectly complement your Margaret Bracelet with this similarly inspired necklace. If you have the bracelet with pearls, try the necklace with moonstones or pink quartz. All of the gems work beautifully together, so feel free to add some variety.

Ascot Lock Necklace (available with Heart Lock)


One of the newest pieces in our collection, the Ascot Lock Necklace brings an elevated style to your everyday looks. Try it in silver or gold, or mix it up and go for the silver-gold combo for the most versatility.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Be a true stand-out with one of our one-of-a-kind pieces. Each one incorporates a beautiful antique, everything from watch fobs and brooches to gambling chips and shoes buckles.


View the Valentine’s Day-inspired collection here


A Pindi for Your Thoughts: How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day? Will you be accessorizing with Pindi House? Tell us in the comments section! 

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  • Love this blog..and all of the inspiring Valentine’s Day ideas. I hope that I receive a beautiful PH piece of jewelry with a bouquet of tulips. I’m having fun layering a bunch of my Pindi necklaces together like I see everyone doing these days. My gold Dot necklace is my latest favorite piece.

  • Pindi is the perfect accessory for day, night or anytime! Look forward to seeing a Pindi House box on February 14th- stylish, contemporary and always in good taste! My Margaret bracelet is timeless.

  • I will be spending the holiday traveling to see friends for the long weekend! Love your inspiration for a cozy and comfy night! Always have on my royal trinity bracelet on… every day!

  • Love all my pieces but I think my Margret bracelet my be my favorite💓

    corri zepponi
  • Love ALL my Pindi house and you to Lydia 💕 always beautiful pieces!


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